Get To Know RCPMS

Our goal at Real Canadian Property Management Solutions (RCPMS) is to provide comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective services to residential property owners and real estate investors in the Grande Prairie area.

We are committed to providing the most complete suite of property management services to protect your investment while optimizing your returns. We accomplish this by constantly improving our processes and incorporating new and better technology to the management of your property. 


Who Are We?

We are seasoned local real estate investors ourselves, so we know the importance of offering a hassle-free property management experience for our clients.

Real Canadian Property Management Solutions has a fantastic team of property managers that are excited for the opportunity to work for you! We provide full-service property management for single family homes, condos, apartments, as well as for commercial and industrial buildings.

Real Canadian Property Management Solutions (RCPMS) successfully represents owners, investors, and tenants by understanding their needs and expectations. Whether you are a single property owner or have an existing real estate investment portfolio, you have found the right Property Management Company for your investment in Alberta’s rental property.


How Can We Help You?

At RCPMS, we understand that every day your property is vacant that it’s costing you money. Because of this, we have a marketing solution that is rivalled by no other management company in the Grand Prairie or its surrounding areas.

Our marketing process is tried-and-tested. Thanks to it, we are able to fill our clients’ properties in record time

And, we don’t just find any tenant for the sake of filling vacancies. We find the right tenant. That is, a tenant who will care for your property, pay rent on time, and be more likely to rent for longer.

We also pride ourselves in having a low tenant turnover rate. This means that you are able to keep more of your income, as tenant turnovers can be quite costly.

Our team has the skills and resources to get the job done. Whether it’s marketing your rentals or screening tenants, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll get the job done as effectively as possible.

We take pride in our work and aim to provide exceptional services for all our property owners and tenants. When you choose Real Canadian Property Management Solutions, you’ll have a dedicated team on your side.


Our Core Values


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and respect in dealing with our clients, our residents, our vendors and anyone else we come in professional contact with.

We always extend the same respect and consideration that we would hope to be shown ourselves.


We will always involve our clients in every change that we recommend making when it comes to their property.

We understand the importance of communication and keeping them up-to-date on how their property is performing.


We continuously improve our methods of operations to continue to offer solutions while others might only see problems.

We work hard to make sure that all of our business interactions remain mutually beneficial to all parties.