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How to Handle Maintenance During COVID-19

What you can do during COVID-19 in terms of maintenance

Are you curious on how to respond to maintenance requests during the COVID-19 crisis? Rental property owners and managers have also been affected by the current pandemic. As a landlord, you may be wondering how to handle maintenance tasks and requests in the current times. What used to be regular duties could now raise justified […]

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Breaking a Lease in Alberta

Breaking a Lease in Alberta

    Each province has different laws when it comes to lease-breaking. This article tackles breaking a lease in Alberta, Canada, and more specifically, in Grande Prairie.  While both landlords and tenants want to avoid exiting a lease early, certain situations occur that make this impossible. RCPM has gathered some important information for both tenants […]

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Tips to Successfully Rent to Tenants with Pets


“Pets or no pets?” This is a question that many landlords in Alberta who are just starting out ask themselves. In Canada, a very large number of tenants own at least one pet. Additionally, the number keeps on rising year after year. In this article, Real Canadian Property Management will provide you with tips to […]

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Should I Rent My House Furnished?

Landlord offering an unfurnished property to a tenant.

Landlords in Grand Prairie, Alberta must regularly decide whether or not to furnish their rental properties. Some tenants prefer a furnished unit while others prefer to shop for furnishings on their own. There is no hard and fast rule governing the provision of furnishings, and it is completely up to the owners. However, it does […]

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5 Easy Ways to Get More Rent for Your Grande Prairie Home


Grande Prairie is a popular destination for visitors and a top choice for residents. It offers great shopping, entertainment, and world-class recreation facilities. There’s a wealth of activities to choose from summer to winter season. You can go hiking, biking, and even ride ATVs during sunny days. When winter arrives, the area transforms into a […]

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8 Tips for Getting Your Property Ready to Rent


You may be asking yourself – How do I prepare my unit for new occupants? With our experience in managing properties, we know the importance of getting your property ready for new tenants after every turnover. Focus on what’s critical – making the unit attractive and habitable. In most cases, minor repairs and thorough cleaning […]

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15 Top Questions to Ask Your Property Manager


As a real estate investor in Grand Prairie, you want to find the best property manager to manage your rental property. Nonetheless, this process demands a lot of attention to detail, research, experience, and intuition. Finding the most suitable property manager involves having a screening process that is thorough and asks all the right questions. […]

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