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Landlord-Tenant Laws in Alberta

As a property owner, it’s important to know the laws in Alberta before you rent out your property. The same goes for any tenant who rents out a property in Alberta. A landlord may want to know what your rights and responsibilities are as a landlord and tenant. Landlords may also want to have an […]

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5 Easy Ways to Get More Rent for Your Grande Prairie Home

Grande Prairie is a popular destination for visitors and a top choice for residents. It offers great shopping, entertainment, and world-class recreation facilities. There’s a wealth of activities to choose from summer to winter season. You can go hiking, biking, and even ride ATVs during sunny days. When winter arrives, the area transforms into a […]

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8 Tips for Getting Your Property Ready to Rent

You may be asking yourself – How do I prepare my unit for new occupants? With our experience in managing properties, we know the importance of getting your property ready for new tenants after every turnover. Focus on what’s critical – making the unit attractive and habitable. In most cases, minor repairs and thorough cleaning […]

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15 Top Questions to Ask Your Property Manager

As a real estate investor in Grand Prairie, you want to find the best property manager to manage your rental property. Nonetheless, this process demands a lot of attention to detail, research, experience, and intuition. Finding the most suitable property manager involves having a screening process that is thorough and asks all the right questions. […]

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5 Step Guide to Effective Tenant Screening in Grande Prairie, Alberta

It is every landlord’s dream to select tenants who are responsible, respectful, understanding, and pay their rent on time. To have the highest chance of selecting these renters, a thorough screening should be done. This is one of the most important things that you can do to preserve and protect your investment. Furthermore, filtering out […]

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Tips for Buying an Investment Property in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Thanks to increased activity in the local oil and gas industry, the housing market in Grand Prairie was strong for 2018. According to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), resales were up 19% for Grand Prairie from the month of January to November 2018. Meanwhile, resales were down 6.4% for the rest of Alberta. […]

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Key Items You Should Include in Your Alberta Lease Agreement

As every successful landlord in Grande Prairie, Alberta will tell you, having an iron-clad lease or rental agreement is key to your rental business. A lease agreement, also known as a rental contract or a residential tenancy agreement, sets out the rules that both you and your tenant must follow. Now, there are certain terms […]

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