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Breaking a Lease in Alberta

Each province has different laws when it comes to lease-breaking. This article tackles breaking a lease in Alberta, Canada, and more specifically, in Grande Prairie.  While both landlords and tenants want to avoid exiting a lease early, certain situations occur that make this impossible. RCPM has gathered some important information for both tenants and landlords […]

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Tips to Successfully Rent to Tenants with Pets

“Pets or no pets?” This is a question that many landlords in Alberta who are just starting out ask themselves. In Canada, a very large number of tenants own at least one pet. Additionally, the number keeps on rising year after year. In this article, Real Canadian Property Management will provide you with tips to […]

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Should I Rent My House Furnished?

Landlords in Grand Prairie, Alberta must regularly decide whether or not to furnish their rental properties. Some tenants prefer a furnished unit while others prefer to shop for furnishings on their own. There is no hard and fast rule governing the provision of furnishings, and it is completely up to the owners. However, it does […]

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