How to Boost Your Rental Property’s Curb Appeal

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Adding curb appeal is an important part of improving the overall rental experience you offer. After all, prospective tenants’ first impressions are based on how your property looks from the outside.

Improving your curb appeal often doesn’t require a lot of investment too. With simple and stylish add-ons, you can create a striking and attractive curb appeal. Even tiny efforts can lead to beautiful and eye-catching results. Generating more interest from passersby who could become prospects.

Real Canadian Property Management has put together these ways to improve your curb appeal for seasoned and new investors, giving you a competitive edge over other rentals in your area:

Use Bold Colors

bold flowers

Adding a bright color can be a great idea to make your rental’s curb appeal stand out. If your property is located in a place with similar rental homes painted in the same drab neutral shades, adding bright colors helps you stand out.

Repainting is not as expensive as other rental updates yet it’s just as effective in attracting new prospects. But you should avoid using a rainbow of shades. You should refrain from making your exteriors look tacky.

You don’t have to paint a bright shade to the entire exterior, you can apply it on your mailbox, door, or lamp post. You can also install several planters with colorful flowers for a cheerier look resulting in an attractive curb appeal.

Add Greenery

The more greenery around your rental home, the more inviting the environment is. Plants can transform your rental home into a comfortable and relaxing space.

A cost-effective idea is to hire a gardener or at least get their advice. So, you can pick plants that don’t require much effort to look after. Otherwise, your renters may end up neglecting them due to the amount of effort required in maintenance.

Install Attractive Lighting

Using lighting as a tool to attract more renters, can be a successful tactic. With plenty of affordable stylish lighting accessories to pick from, you need not worry about spending a lot to make your property look great.

A clever idea is to install a series of lighting on the pathway to your door’s rental. It naturally directs the eye, keeps everyone happy, and increases the security of your property.

Improve Your Front Door

If the door looks dull, chances are it won’t grab much attention. As a property owner, take time to examine your main door that faces the street to see where it could be improved upon.

Even if you’ve planted new grass or added interesting outdoor furnishings, a dreary front door can reduce your curb appeal. So, try adding a fresh coat of paint and replacing the hardware.

nice front door

Clean Regularly

Keeping your property looking immaculate is important when attracting new renters as the basis of their opinions starts with your curb appeal. To achieve this, follow a consistent cleaning schedule.

If there are any needed repairs, act on them right away. Distorted gutters or broken fences can become an eyesore. Ensure you elicit a good impression by paying attention to your rental’s exterior. The cleaner it is, the more interest it attracts.

Landscape the Property

If you’ve added more greenery, you shouldn’t leave it looking unkempt. You should keep you’re your lawns mowed, and bushes, trees, and shrubs trimmed. If you have superb landscaping, it can really lift your curb appeal. Healthy plants are nice to look at.

Paint the Property

Landlords paint the property every 2 to 4 years depending on the laws in the city. This is part of making the rental home habitable. If you want to create more interesting paintings your exteriors are advisable.

‘Normal wear and tear’ does occur as time goes on, which can affect your rental’s exterior since they’re more exposed to the weather.

Choose high-quality paint and hire a professional painter to ensure that the results are excellent. Going the DIY route can be costly if more mistakes are made. In fact, to boost your curb appeal, it’s even more critical to highlight a properly painted rental home exterior.

painting property

Bottom Line

As a landlord, your task is to keep up with the maintenance of your property while continuing to build its value. Updating your curb appeal is part of your responsibility. It also motivates your current renters to renew their leases.

If you’re marketing a new property, focusing on your curb appeal can be a strategic way of attracting new tenants.

Do you need a trusted property management company to assist you in maintaining your rental property? Call Real Canadian Property Management Solutions today! We provide a wide range of property management services that will help you maximize your rental earnings.

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