Pros and Cons of Living in Grande Prairie

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Are you interested in making Grande Prairie your next home?

Make your move to Grande Prairie the easiest one yet by being 100% prepared. This article prepared by us at Real Canadian Property Management, aims at showing you what makes Grande Prairie such a wonderful place to live and where it can improve.

The Pros of Grand Prairie

Part of being a great landlord is understanding what makes your area great. So, Grand Prairie has many great elements that would attract residents:

Great Outdoor Entertainment Areas

The landscape of Grande Prairie makes the city a scenic beauty. The great lakes and the Rocky Mountains attract many tourists, so Grand Prairie is ideal for outdoor entertainment and adventure.

The Muskoseepi Park offers multiple entertainment facilities, especially for families. Residents come to the venue to make memories with their kids and pets on the play area, biking tracks, or various sports facilities.

outdoor areas

Fantastic Healthcare

Before you can relocate, you should consider the state of healthcare in the new area. You ought to be sure that you and your loved ones have easy access to the best healthcare options.

Fortunately, Grande Prairie has some of the best healthcare available in Canada. Should there be an accident or emergency, help is only a few minutes away.

There are several highly rated hospitals in Grand Prairie for your health needs. Their treatment utilizes modern medical technology operated by the best medical experts in the area. The local government has also invested in the city’s healthcare.

Various Real Estate Options

A question that investors ask before sinking their resources into a neighborhood is “Does the area offer great options for renting?”

Grand Prairie answers this by having a ton of rental options with any house sizing. If you are looking for studios, duplexes, apartments, or single-family homes, with a variety of amenities, you will find them in Grand Prairie.

Reliable Public Transport

Access to public transport is vital to consider before relocating to a new place. Unfortunately, not everyone owns a car or has the financial capability to acquire one.

So, is there good access to public transport in Grand Prairie? Luckily, yes.

Public transport is popular among Grande Prairie residents and there are two primary options, the regular buses, or the transit service. The former travel through the city while the latter operates from early in the morning to late at night.

Quality Education

The quality of the area’s school and education system is a major influence on a parent’s ultimate decision to relocate or not.

Education has been a focal point for the Alberta government. The provincial cities can boast a robust and comprehensive education system with numerous public schools. There are also local universities in the area.

High Rate of Income

Compared to other neighborhoods in Alberta, the locals of Grande Prairie earn significantly more than average.

Professionals and potential employees tend to move to the area looking for more attractive options. This should bode well for investors looking to buy investment properties in Grande Prairie and rent them out.


The Cons of Grande Prairie

Even though Grande Prairie has a variety of great neighborhoods, it has areas in which it can improve. Such as the following:

High-Income Tax

The stringent tax laws of Alberta apply to Grande Prairie residents. The income taxes applicable in Alberta are higher than in other regions in Canada. These tax laws are inclined positively toward the rich and middle-class fraction of the population.

No Nightlife

Those who enjoy vibrant nightlife will be disappointed with Grand Prairie. The city lacks the vibrancy and excitement found in surrounding cities. So, you may need to travel outside town to enjoy a night out.

A Higher Cost of Living

An area’s average cost of living is important to understand before you move there. You want to know if you can afford to live there. Unfortunately, the cost of living in Grande Prairie is high.

Grande Prairie: An Excellent Place to Live

rocky mountains

Although wintry weather and high-income taxes may turn you off to living in Grand Prairie, think about all that you will be missing by being far. The scenic beauty, good education, reliable public transport, and tourist attractions are just a few of what the residents enjoy daily.

These factors and many more make Grande Prairie an excellent place to live or spend your vacation months.

Bottom Line

By knowing the needs and expectations of owners, investors, and tenants, Real Canadian Property Management Solutions (RCPMS) has provided stability and growth for our partners.

We are a family-owned and operated property management firm in Grande Prairie, Alberta and there is no situation we have not seen. We have delivered first-class service to property owners by combining current technology with personal attention.

As a result, we at Real Canadian Property Management Solutions are happy to provide the area’s most comprehensive property management services.

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