Top Amenities Renters Can’t Resist in Grande Prairie

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As a landlord, to have a successful property, you need to be intentional with the services that you provide. This is especially true when your property is located in a competitive market. To lure in a tenant, you need to get ahead of your competitors by making sure you’re offering many sought after amenities.

First, identify your target market. Then, offer amenities that can meet their wants and needs. In doing so, you will fill your property vacancies quicker than ever!

In this article, we are looking at a number of amenities that you may want to consider installing to make your properties more attractive to tenants. Having an appealing property also means that your tenant turnover will be low!

Here are the some of the amenities that renters in Grande Prairie always look for:

1. Security and Safety

Many renters look for safety in a rental property because no one wants to feel threatened or unsafe in their place of residence. Therefore, it’s extremely important for you to ensure that your tenants are safe.

When it comes to security, one of the popular amenities is gated access. Gated access verifies who is entering and exiting the property. This way, everyone who is accessing the property is inspected.

Other amenities you can consider providing include:

  • An alarm system
  • Security cameras
  • Automatic locking doors
  • A good and reliable security personnel

Not to mention, make sure your rental can be properly and safely winterized for the colder months. By providing the above amenities, you can confidently tell your tenants that they are safe living in your unit.

2. Ample Parking

Offering parking can be very attractive to tenants. Many renters leave their rental unit if it doesn’t have adequate parking. It is very frustrating for a person to spend time looking for parking after a long day’s work.


Therefore, we recommend you offer your renters parking. You can assign a few parking spaces to each unit. Assigning parking has become popular, especially in urban centers where space is usually limited.

3. Walkability

Prior to investing in property, consider how accessible it is for future tenants. Choosing the right location for your Grand Prairie property makes all the difference. A property that’s in a hidden place and that’s not easily accessible is not ideal.

It’s best to invest in a property that’s within a few minutes walking distance from major points of interests, such as bus stops, universities, and restaurants.

It’s also important to know your target market. Identify your target market in order to find the best location for your property.

4. In-Unit Washer and Dryer

Having an in-unit washer and dryer in your property could be an added advantage over your competitors. Renters would appreciate this amenity as it would help them avoid weekly trips to the laundromat every now and then.

Having the in-unit washer and dryer will make your property stand out as laundry is a basic necessary for everyone.

However, when making such an investment, you need to do your research. You want to find a washer and dryer that is good, but also affordable. You also want to make sure you maintain it every so often.

5. Plenty of Storage

Storage spaces are attractive to all tenants. If your property has built-in storage and huge kitchen cabinets and pantries, you will definitely attract many of tenants.

People want to have ample space for their belongings without having to compromise their comfort.

6. Outdoor Spaces

Renters will appreciate outdoor spaces. It could be what sets your property apart from the rest.

If you have an outdoor space, you should always remember to maintain the landscape. The look of the exterior of your property is almost as important as the interior! Consider adding beautiful flowers and having your shrubs and grass evenly cut. Overall, you want to maintain the look of your unit’s exterior.

You may also consider including additional special amenities to your outdoor spaces, such as fireplaces, game courts and swimming pools. This can be highly attractive to prospective tenants.

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7. Flexible Pet Policies

Many tenants own pets. So, most tenants will often be looking for pet friendly spaces during their house hunts.

However, if you allow pets in your rental, you want to make sure you state some clear rules. Make sure that these rules are stated and emphasized in the lease.

Having a rental that accepts pets and that offers a conducive environment for all of them could be attractive to pet owners. They will definitely consider your space when looking for their next home.

In Conclusion

As a landlord, you should consider providing services and amenities that other rental properties may not be offering. This will help you to attract prospective tenants and fill your vacancies quickly.

As an overview, here are some of the things you can provide:

  • Safety and security
  • Ample parking
  • Walkability
  • In-unit washer and dryer
  • Plenty of storage
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Flexible pet policies

If you offer some of those amenities, not only will you attract tenants easily, but you’re also more likely to retain your tenants!

If you’re looking for more help, or have any further questions, feel free to contact Real Canadian Property Management Solutions.

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